July 2018
As an athlete and design-driven thinker, I have noticed that there is only a limited offer of smart sportswear, where the function of the piece is not communicated in the visual design. A perfect example of an interface where the internal functions are being visually displayed on the surface is the human skin, which transforms during high effort activities. In horse-riding they prevent horse injuries by using infrared techniques, so why not try it on humans? In the form of our second skin: clothing.

Concept and product: Anne Pater
Thanks to:
Berend Brus
Willem de Kooning Academie
PAC Atletiek Club Rotterdam
Technische Universiteit Delft
Nils Stok
Topfysiotherapie Delta



Nomination for the bachelor Research award Willem de Kooning 2018
Nomination for the hybrid publishing award Willem de Kooning 2018
Nomination for the drempelprijs Willem de Kooning 2018


Graduating project:
July 2018
Lifestyle and transformation design
Willem de Kooning Academic









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